10 Places Making The Best Cheesecake In Town!

When this meme came out, we never agreed or related more to anything before. You see, cheesecake is the superior dessert of all desserts. If you feel the same, you’ll love this list!

Brioche Dorèe

So creamy, it actually hurts.


This is one of our top favorite dessert places in Cairo. Quality and taste, simply unrivaled!


Yeah, the great burger place makes AMAZING cheesecake. It’ll give you a lovely homemade vibe.


Next time you’re getting coffee there, order the triple cheesecake. No questions asked.


The only bad thing about this place is the fact that they don’t have more branches around Cairo. Tagamoa people, you’re very very lucky.

Espresso Lap

The raspberry and lemon cheesecake? We can eat them all day!


Another place that never disappoints. Make sure you try it there before the mango konafas take over in Ramadan.

Four Fat Ladies

We highly recommend their Lotus cheesecake you guys. It’s perfection.

Cake Café

They hardly ever disappoint with anything, and the cheesecake is no exception.


We know you didn’t expect this, but hear us out. They honestly perfect the balance of sweet, creamy and light.

So, where do you get your cheesecakes from?

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