12 Celebrity Children in Ramadan 2021!

Breaking into the entertainment industry is somewhat of a mission-impossible, right? Well, not for those who are born to already famous parents or families. 

The phenomenon of celebrity children making a debut in Ramadan is nothing new. But this year, we’ve got to say, it’s just the gift that keeps on giving…

Yet again, success is never guaranteed. Especially not in the era of social media. Did they all pass the test? We’ll see. You probably spotted one or two, but here’s the full list in case you missed any! 

Nour Khaled El Nabawy

Fresh news? Same here. It was only recently that we learned this young man in El Ekhtyar2 is Khaled El Nabawy’s son. How’s the resemblance?

Mohamed Youssry

We all know him as son of veteran actor Ibrhaim Youssry, but this Ramadan, this guy is building a name of his own. His killer performance in Naguib Zahy Zarksh and Del Ragel is a case in point!

Khaled Haggag

It’s not his first time on television, but we bet this time is all sorts of different to Haggag Abdel Azim’s son. How did you find his character in Harb Ahleya? 

Amira Adeeb

Amira Adeeb, daughter of Adel Adeeb and Manal Salama also made her Ramadan debut this year in Welad Nas. She comes from a well-renowned family in both the media and entertainment industries, so it’s only normal for the apple not to fall too far from the tree!

Youssef Wael Nour

Did you guys know that Ghazal’s lost son in Lahm Ghazal is actually Wael Nour’s real-life son? WHOAH!

Passant Seyam

Remember Nancy? Yeah, Tamara’s victim friend in Harb Ahleya. She’s actually the daughter of veteran actor Ahmed Seyam! 

Youssef Hussein El Imam

It’s hard to miss this guy on Instagram, he makes dope covers. But honestly, seeing Hussein El Imam’s son in Le3bet Newton was a pleasant surprise.

Nashwa Ali Abdel Reheem

The daughter of the late veteran actor Ali Abdel Reheem also blessed our screens this Ramadan. Look out for her the next time you’re watching Qasr El Nile!

Lama Kotkout

Not really a debut, but hey, this Ramadan Lama is taking some serious steps in her acting career. We mean, she’s appearing in Harb Ahleya, Del Ragel and Melouk El Gadaana. She’s one of Egyptian actress Amal Rizk’s three daughters, in case you didn’t already know by now!

Jumana Fouad

Another Welad Nas celebrity daughter is Jumana Fouad. In case you couldn’t tell by the undeniable resemblance, she’s Leqaa Sewedan’s child. 

Rania Mahmoud El Gendy

You missed it, we missed it, everyone practically missed it. Remember the episode in El Ekhtyar when Karim Abdel Aziz comforted this woman and her toddler after arresting her husband? Yeah, turns out she’s Mahmoud El Gendy’s daughter!

Mahmoud Yassin Junior

We first saw him in Ramadan last year. This year with Elly Maloush Kebeer, this young actor keeps proving his sheer talent has nothing to do with his renowned family. Mahmoud Yassin’s grandson is going places!

Malak Zaher

The child-star is all grown up now, huh? Her Omar W Salma days are now behind her, for sure. Malak took on a serious role this year in Nasl El Aghrab and we expect we’ll be seeing more of her really soon!

Who did you guys like best? 

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