18 Guest Of Honor & Still Counting..El Ekhtyar 2!

Following the same tradition as part one, El Ekhtyar 2 was nothing but star-studded this year as well. Some we already knew were coming back and some really took us by surprise. Here, meet the 13 guests of honor and still counting…

Ahmed Helmy

Two minutes and we were all in tears. Amazing surprise appearance by this mega-star!

Ahmed Ezz

EL Ekhtyar cinematic universe? It might be happening..

Mohamed Ragab

It’s been a while since we saw Mohamed Ragab on television, let alone in Ramadan. Can this lead to more of him in the near future?

Nedal El Shafeay

Did you guys go nuts when he appeared as the captive from Sinai too or what? One face we really missed over the years.

Mohamed Kilany

So far, we only saw his character once. But we feel things will get interesting for him. He’s one of the terrorists involved in the failed presidential assassination attempt!

Mohamed Farrag

The most trending actor this Ramadan also made a brief appearance during the early episodes.

Mohamed Mahmoud Abdel Aziz

We didn’t recognize him at first, he’s the Zakaria informant guy!

Ashraf Abdel Baky

So good and so heartbreaking.

Ahmed Saed Abdel Ghany

He portrayed the role of martyr Ahmed Fayez and he did one amazing job at it.

Ahmed Dash

The young bewildered terrorist to be, he was made for such roles. 

Aly El Tayeb

And El Tayeb in the role of Hesham El Sawy.

Bayoumi Fouad

As one of the young officers’ father. His speech was so touching and heartwarming.

Ahmed El Awady

Back for season two to bring us the flashback-footage of the rise and downfall of Hesham Ashmawy. 

Hesham Maged

So brief, yet so pleasant.

Karim Fahmy

A great choice for portraying martyr Ramy Helal.

Omar Metwally

It’s been a while, but it feels good to have him back. He played the role of martyr Abd El Baset Mohamed from El Wahat mission.

Nour El Nabawy

Thanks to his role, Ahmed Shousha’s name will forever be memorable.

Ahmed Shaker

Great delivery of the character Eweis. The former police officer turned to the other side.

Can you guys guess which guest of honor we’ll see next?

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