4 Facial Clinics You Need To Know About!

Since the weather is incredibly moody and unforgiving, we all know what would feel incredibly good right now, don’t we? And, yes, it’s something that’s not refreshing beach waves — what we need right now is really good facials.

While we’re deciding to treat ourselves and our skin, though, we can’t just haphazardly pick whatever we see first. We need to peruse and carefully choose…and if you’re reading to take that step, then you’re ready for this list!


In Zayed or willing to make the trip to see a trusted esthetician? If so, you’re in luck because that’s where Skinthetics is and if you go, you’ll be met with many skin-oriented services. These include silver facials, golden facials, dermapen sessions, and more!

Facials and Lashes

Certified from France, Facials and Lashes is here to make all your skin-specific dreams come true. And with its services including basic facial packages, lash lifts and extensions, oil-suction and more, this is not even an exaggeration!

Ivy Beauty Gallery

With its branches in New Cairo and Heliopolis (as well as a Sheikh Zayed branch coming soon), Ivy Beauty Gallery is already capturing your collective attention, we know…and once you know about its services, it’ll capture it even more because it has a wide range of facials and microblading for all your skin needs and wants.

Bamboo Nail Spa

Sure, this place’s name is Bamboo Nail Spa but it still offers wonders in terms of facials and skin-pampering. Don’t limit yourself while you enjoy its services, which range from different facials, peels, and microblading to everything else.

Get going and book your appointments!

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