5 Egyptian Actors Who Are Also Directors!

Being multi-talented in the world of Egyptian entertainment is not greatly uncommon. In fact, you don’t have to think too hard to remember hordes of performers who also dabbled in writing, like Hesham Maged and Chico. And you certainly remember Triple Threats like Soad Hosny, Nelly, and Sherihan.

As you read this, you might not even be all that impressed that a few actors have also gotten into directing, or vice-versa. Just read up here and you’ll find 5 Egyptian actors who are also directors!

Youssef Wahby

Shocking, isn’t it? Well, it shouldn’t be because there was literally nothing that Youssef Wahby hasn’t done in the cinematic world (yes, including décor). And yet, we can’t help but feel impressed by the late artist’s talents. Not only did he star in 129 movies (approximately), he also directed 42 projects.

Zaki Fateen Abdelwahab

Though more well-versed in the acting world, it’d be a shame to smooth over Zaki Fateen Abdelwahab’s directing career because he gave us the 90’s movie-about-making-a-movie Romantica as well as assisting in directing fan-favorites like El-Youm El-Sadis and Ahl El-Qema.

Ahmed Mekky

We all know Ahmed Mekky as an amazing actor (and occasional rapper), but we also need to know him as a director who had a burgeoning mark on Egyptian culture. And once you understand that he’s the director who gave us El-7asa El-Sab3a and La7azat 7arega, you’ll understand.

Aida El-Kashef

Yes, Aida El-Kashef isn’t just an actress who you remember from roles like Marianne in El-Gam3a (if we unlocked a memory for you, you’re welcome) and Farah in Leih La2. El-Kashef is also a director with movies like Heliopolis and 7adota Min Sag under her belt.

Ahmed Magdy

Bet you didn’t see this one coming, did you? But, yes, Ahmed Magdy of El-Anesa Farah isn’t just an actor — he’s also a director with works like The Giraffe and Zizo, both on the rather indie side, stacking up his career history.

Who surprised you most in this list?

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