5 Egyptian Artists Whose Albums Can Become Musicals!

In a culture as musically rich as ours, you’d think we would have had more musicals than we actually do. Sure, we have had the occasional song in the middle of an otherwise regular movie, but that just doesn’t hold the same weight as a musical, does it?

And because we’ve had the time, we decided to think: just which of our artists could have Mama Mia-style musical movies based on their albums?

Yes, we’ve gotten the answer too!

Mohamed Mounir

You’ve thought it, we know. Other than being the King of Egyptian Music, Mohamed Mounir also possesses a lengthy discography that can make for a compelling, heartbreaking film!

And just imagine the Nubian cast that could go with it!

Amr Diab

You could argue that Amr Diab has already given us his musical movie contribution with Ice Cream Fi Gleem but honestly? We want more.

Do you even know how many albums came out after that masterpiece of a movie? Yeah. We deserve those musicals too!

Sherine Abdelwahab

With songs about heartbreak and toughening up as well as a strong voice, Sherine would absolutely kill it with a musical based on her albums.

She has what it takes and the range for an Eat, Pray, Love-stlye musical and we honestly cannot wait enough for it.


Yes, another enchanting voice and no shortage of albums for musical material! Can you even imagine getting a cast that can sing the same range as Angham?

We can’t so far but we do know that when it does happen, we’d be first in line to see it!

Hameed El-Sha3ery

The only reason the 90’s is the best musical decade in Egypt is the rise of Hameed El-Sha3ery and his music, production and otherwise.

So can you picture how a movie, based on his musical collabs and productions, will be? Literally every song you have ever loved in that era will be tied into this sweet, fun narrative…and who knows, maybe we’ll get a Hisham Abbas cameo too!

What hypothetical Egyptian musical would you watch first?

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