5 Egyptian Food Trends That Are Simply Overrated!

Food just makes the world go round, doesn’t it? It’s truly one of the best things because good food can just alleviate your mood and make you feel better as much as a bad meal can ruin your day. Speaking of ruined days, have you ever went out to eat and felt absolutely annoyed at seeing a food trend that everyone seems to love despite it being clearly awful?

If so, welcome! You’ll enjoy this list because there are SEVERAL food trends in Egypt that need to go and you’re about to read up on five of them. And if you don’t hate any particular food trend, then get ready because you’re about to!

Too much cheese on EVERY single thing

Hey, do you remember back in the day when drenching everything in cheese was actually kind of new? The entire population absolutely went insane over that trend because it was new and trendy and actually tasty. So why is it overrated now?

Well, that’s easy. The whole excess cheese thing became something of an all-too-present thing. You’ll literally find it everywhere now and it’s always double the amount of the last time you saw it. At this point, you’re honestly ordering some cheese with a side burger or whatever it is you’re ordering. And, yes, too much of a good thing turns ugly.

Fried chicken

There’s a saying out there that if one old shop closes, three new fried chicken spots open in its place. Sure, it might not be an OFFICIAL saying just yet but it’s getting there because we all see this fried chicken trend going out of control.

Seriously. How many new fried chicken places do we have by now? Are they all even that good or that distinct from each other? Honestly, we just have no idea but things are bound to turn ugly in this chicken contest.

Anything Lotus

We just have to admit it to each other at this point. The Lotus Boom we’re collectively experiencing as a country is one of the most horrifying things ever because Lotus has invaded literally every single dessert we’ve ever had and it doesn’t look like it’s leaving us alone anytime soon. And it’s not even THAT good.

Hey, who knows? Maybe one day, some mad genius will decide to add Lotus biscuits to fried chicken and two trends will die in one go!

Certain Ice Coffee places

Okay, so here’s the thing about iced coffee. When it’s good, it’s good but when it’s bad? Wow, is that one of the most harrowing drinks you’ll ever have if it’s not done right. People, mostly iced coffee lovers, can’t bring themselves to admit when the drinks don’t taste good, though, and so they recommend you try iced coffee at literally the worst places that serve iced coffee.

Why? Because they’re sadists, of course, and they want to sell you in on the iced coffee train by introducing you to just how bad it can get because it’s a rollercoaster ride up from there…too bad the horrible iced coffee places don’t know that.

Semsema’s Shawerma

Look, there’s a certain charm about the past, right? It’s that nostalgic beauty that makes us wish for things we’re all better off without. When you miss the last decade, you might find yourself missing Amr Diab’s music at the time or you might miss the Omar w Salma trilogy…and you might even miss shawerma from Semsema because that’s the last time it was good.

We don’t mean to be too harsh but Semsema has been getting by on reputation alone these days and we just can’t let it slide. And apparently getting by on reputation alone means Semsema can make its shawerma even tinier, so just imagine what you’ll be eating.

Tell us; what’s a food trend you find annoying even though everyone else loves it?

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