5 Egyptian Organizations You Can Volunteer At!

In this day and age, you might get the feeling that life is truly and utterly pointless because, well, you might not have a purpose and being left alone with your thoughts is pretty unsettling for some people. However, if you want to combat that, you can start by making sure to make a difference in other people’s lives….simply because kindness is unconditional.

But where should you volunteer? We’re glad you asked because here are five organizations and/or foundations where your efforts will be much appreciated.

Share A Smile

Do you want to help spread joy and smiles on people’s faces? Volunteer at Share A Smile Foundation, where you will help in everything from distributing food to hosting events for children and truly make a difference.


An organization started to help house the homeless people of Egypt as well as get them back on their feet, Ma3ana is set within its values and doesn’t just keep its efforts to battling homelessness. The organization also houses orphan and/or abandoned children while also helping them find loving homes.

ESMA Egypt

Passionate about saving and helping animals? You’ll be able to indulge your passion and make a true difference with Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals (aka, ESMA), where you can socialize with and groom the animals as well as fostering them too.

Alwan Wa Awtar

Since art is a major component in our lives, it’s pretty easy to tell that life wouldn’t be the same without it…and that goes for all kinds of backgrounds. If you believe in the power of art, volunteer with Alwan Wa Awtar to get underprivileged children in touch with their artistic side.


Something of a known choice, 57357 is still among the places where your presence will be very much needed and is guaranteed to make a difference. Even if that difference feels small to you, it will feel incredibly important to others around you.

Making a difference is easy.

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