5 Egyptian Play Scenes That Aged HORRIBLY

If there’s one thing Egyptians love, it’s our plays. We just do and we can’t find enough national holidays to broadcast the hell out of El-3eyal Kebret and the like.

But you know what? Just because we’re rightfully in love with our legendary stock of plays doesn’t mean that these plays didn’t have some problems…like a few scenes that might have been funny at the time, but yikes, are they borderline horrifying now!

Want to see examples? Say no more; it’s all right here!

Soso dating her Arabic high school teacher

Take a pause for five seconds. We know, okay? Because of the plot, we know Soso is only “dating” her Arabic tutor to get a reaction from her dad and that she really doesn’t want to date him.

But you know what else we know? She’s seventeen in the story and he’s old enough to be her grandfather. Oh yeah, and he thinks that’s a real relationship and still goes all in. There’s a word for that, by the way!

The schoolboys harassing Ms. Esmat

No one doesn’t like Madraset El-Moshaghbeen. Everyone loves it and can recite some of the jokes, to a degree. However, all that love and reputation does not cancel out the fact that the students harassed their teacher.

Yeah. Literal harassment and the woman was very visibly ganged up on and cornered. You can literally feel the tension through your screens and that seriously does not age well.

Kamal decides to marry the girl his father chose for him

Sure, this one isn’t as serious as the first two but there’s still a point here. The whole plot of El-3eyal Kebret is kids confronting their cheating dad and trying to convince him to not ditch them.

So, the whole thing is about both parties trying to understand and respect each other. And what happens at the end? Kamal chooses to not marry the much older woman (with kids) and decides to simply do what his father wants.

You know, kind of cancelling out his entire dialogue during “I don’t like her and I don’t want to marry her” bit because it’s more important to make dad happy.

Masoud being, essentially, a gold digger

Sure, it’s the plot and everything. And sure, it’s refreshing to see a male gold-digger for once but, well, that’s hardly the premise for a love story to last a lifetime…or even till the end of the play.

Masrah Masr’s existing in general

Yeah, so this isn’t technically a scene from a play but, honestly speaking the entire concept of Masrah Masr is not only dated but also offensive.

The entire plot of every play is the same. Playing on harmful stereotypes for cheap laughs and these jokes were never funny to begin with.

Some things just can’t stand the test of time.

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