5 Egyptian Shows and Movies That Would Have No Plot If Kafala Adoption Was Involved

With the new season Leih La2 airing right now, we’ve been seeing conversations center more and more about kafala-adoption and orphaned and/or abandoned children in general, right? And that’s obviously a great thing because it’s honestly about time that something like this happens.

But you know what? The fact that this season of Leih La2 is about adoption made us wonder — what Egyptian TV shows and movies would’ve basically had no plot if the writers simply remembered that kafala-adoption exists here?

Le3bet Newton

Remember what started that rollercoaster of a show that we experienced last Ramadan? Yeah, it was the fact that Hana and Hazem were finally expecting a baby after years of trying. And you know what — if Hana and Hazem simply kafala-adopted a baby, no one would have gone to America or met Mo’nes or Badr or do anything that happened on the show.

One thing we’re sure of, though, is that they would have found a way to absolutely make each other miserable no matter the storyline.


Remember this film? Yeah, so basically Ahmed El-Sakka plays a fertility doctor who marries Dorra…but guess what? They aren’t having children straight away so basically the center conflict here is about whether they should get an IVF or not.

But…well, kafala-adoption is right there and if parenting was all this was about, maybe an exceedingly expensive procedure wouldn’t be the way to go here.

Sabe3 Gar

Okay, so this one’s a bit of a technicality because Sabe3 Gar isn’t really about having kids or trying to have kids. Except for the story of Hala, of course. See, here’s what Hala wants — to desperately be a mom. And to do that, she’s willing to marry a man just to get pregnant.

But, hey, here’s a fun little idea that wouldn’t require the whole loophole of an unwanted marriage thing. Kafala adoption, because if all she wanted was to be a mother and not be married, she could have easily done that.

Oreedo Ragolan

This show has had two entire seasons that center on the conflict of Eyad Nassar’s character’s mom wanting him to marry someone else, without caring for his wife’s consent, just because she wants him to have a baby boy and he and his wife have only had girls so far.

Well, it’s not like there’s a magical solution here, right? Like kafala-adopting a baby boy?

Bashtery Ragel

You might vaguely remember the plot of Bashtery Ragel and remember that, in this movie, Nelly Karim’s character doesn’t want to actually get married — she’s looking for a person to marry just to have a baby.

Again, there’s one magic solution to avoid all of this. It starts with ‘kafala’ and ends with ‘adoption’.

Do you know any more shows that would have had no plot if people remembered kafala-adoption exists?

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