5 Mesmerizing Nubian Retreats For Your Next Vacation!

We can all agree there’s no better timing to visit Luxor and Aswan. It’s always sunny and warm this time of year. If you’re planning to pack and go anytime soon and also happen to be looking for somewhere less conventional, here are some places in Aswan that’ll meet you with open arms and a big smile.

Ashry Narty

The most popular Nubian resort in Aswan. Best known for its unique architecture that combines both Nubian authenticity and modern luxury. 

Katoo Dool Nubian Resort

A cozy yet spacious Nubian house that is only 12km from Aswan Airport. If you’re one for the games, you’ll love their fun night activities and entertainment segments.

Heissa Camp

Heissa Camp is an eco-friendly resort located in the ancient island of Heissa. And if that didn’t impress you, we bet all the kayaking and fun water activities will!


If you’re looking for somewhere a tad lavish but still captures the spirit and culture of the place, we highly recommend this one. Anakato never disappoints.


Another place we always root for is Kendaka located in Gharb Soheil. A resort that’ll just blow your mind. They’re all about wellness and healing; you can be sure to find a session or two to suit your interest.

Check their Fb and Instagram pages, we’re telling you, MIND-BLOWING!

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