5 Movies That Would Have Been Better if Ghada Abdelrazek Was In Them

Sometimes you’ll be watching a movie and right in the midst of things, you’ll be thinking only one question. And that question usually is “wow, this would be great if so-and-so was in this”. See, sometimes the actor that you’re thinking about really has what it takes to elevate the movie. Maybe the movie is right up their alley or they’re just THAT good of an actor that they turn everything they touch into gold.

And you know what? We have a couple of actors who have this desired quality and one of them is Ghada Abdelrazek. Don’t be surprised just yet, though. As you’re going to read here, this star just has what it takes!

Wahid Sahih

In the mid-2000’s, Ghada Abdelrazek and Hany Salama starred together in El-Rayes Omar Harb and their dynamic was definitely on the racy, kinda dark side. And honestly, we wouldn’t mind revisiting that dynamic again in Wahid Sahih especially when we know their chemistry will be believable and it might just be as scandalous as this story needs.

Anything Nadia El-Guindy is in so we can finally have our Dynamic Duo

If you’ve ever had any thoughts of how similar the two actresses are, at least in genre, you’re not the first — after all, we did have two El-Batneyas and they both played the same role. Have you ever wondered what seeing them together on the same screen will be like though? Easily the next best crossover since The Avengers!

Welad Rizk 2 AND you know which part

It’s not really a surprise, is it? If you’ve seen Welad Rizk 2, then you’ve definitely noticed they cast the wrong Ghada in that BDSM lady part. No, really, wouldn’t Ghada Abdelrazek effortlessly kill it?

Wahid Sefr

Wahid Sefr is a great movie and a testament that a good ensemble will do wonders to bring a story to life. And you know what? If Ghada Abdelrazek had made it into this great movie, we have a feeling it would have been just as good!

Hatouly Ragel

In Hatouly Ragel, Egypt is living in a reverse world where patriarchy doesn’t exist and the large majority of men basically get to experience what it’s like being a woman in Egypt on a daily basis….so why wasn’t Ghada Abdelrazek in this? We have no idea but just imagine how different this movie would have been!

Do you have any other movies that would have been better if this star was in them?

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