5 Natural-Hair Problems They Don’t Tell You About!

Yeah, curls are more fun than straight hair. But truth be said, being born with a curl pattern can be a nightmare sometimes. And it’s not just the “frizz.” Here are 5 other problems only people with natural hair will relate to!

The endless washing and refreshing

When people opt for natural hair, they think they’re making their lives easier. So here’s some news for you, you may have skipped the two times a week salon visit but there’s a price to pay. 

Curly hair demands constant moisturizing and nourishment. Things that only come with washing or damping your hair on a daily basis.

The Dandruff

Oh, the dandruff. We mean, it’s only normal with THAT amount of products that help keep your wild curls in check. Your scalp can get really overwhelmed and starts to act out.

Air-dry nightmare 

Not all people own a diffuser. So you can’t just “go out” after washing your hair, they tricked us. You have to wait for a while and let those curls air-dry. Try that in winter, real fun!

Can’t undo

If you wake up one day and take the decision to have an updo, beware. Those parts that went up are never coming back down until your next washday!

Straight to curly cycle

What a vicious cycle! You have natural hair for like 3 months and then you decide for that one time to go for straight hair, boom, curls pattern GONE! As if they have a mind of their own.

We’re not hating on natural hair, we’re just expressing some of the frustrations. Rightly so, people just tend to not brief you on these challenges.

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