5 Ramadan Guilty Pleasure Shows That You Need To Watch!

We have something to confess. Sometimes, we don’t actually want to watch good TV. Sure, that might seem weird, considering all our talks about plot and character arcs and the like…but sometimes, you just want to sit on your couch and enjoy stereotypical, no-stakes drama.

There’s just something that grips us to guilty pleasure TV shows, even when we literally know how they’re going to end. And that feeling doesn’t just go away in Ramadan.

So, you know what? We’re giving you just what you want; the full-fledged guilty pleasure Ramadan show list!

Elly Maloosh Kebeer

With the stereotypical violence and all of Ahmed El-Awady’s rhyming lines, you might find yourself wondering….just where is the pleasure because this all feels guilty. And you’d be right but, hey, that’s half the fun!

And yeah, the show doesn’t try to tackle severely important topics (with the the exception of domestic abuse) but you weren’t walking in for seriousness, were you?

Melook El-Gad3ana

Let’s face it. The show is an updated cliché and that’s exactly why we love it! Everything from the family dynamics to the two leads at the center to even the controversial Om Basant just says it out loud, doesn’t it?

Fares Bela Gawaz

Don’t you just miss that 2007 sense of humor? If you do, do you happen to find yourself missing Hareem Karim or any movie that stars Mostafa Amar in a semi-predictable plot full of PG-13 shenanigans?

If you do, you’re going to have a blast watching Fares Bela Gawaz because it’s all of that and more.

Nasl Aghrab

They literally have the same fight every single episode and somehow the dialogue keeps getting worse and you know what? That’s not even the best part. Ahmed El-Sakka is playing one hell of a comedic villain and that’s reason enough to watch this monstrosity.

Kol Ma Beneftere2

Are we mentioning this show just because of Riham Haggag’s weird performance? Maybe. Does the shell scene play a part? Kinda. We just can’t keep ourselves from imagining the show as weird Addams Family hybrid and if that caught your attention, then congrats! New guilty pleasure, unlocked.

What’s your Ramadan guilty pleasure?!

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