5 Reasons Why Virgos Are Control Freaks!

Every zodiac signs has a lot of good things going for them and that’s a fact since, obviously, not every trait is going to be off-brand. And yet, it’s both the good and the bad that meld a sign together into a perfectly neutral person!

But, honestly, on the down-low, haven’t you ever found some of a sign’s traits seriously annoying? You know, like how Aries is too impulsive or how Geminis are…Geminis, or even how Virgos like to control everything?

Well, speaking of that last thing, we decided to dive deep a little. Here are some reasons why Virgos tick just like that!

They’re perfectionists

When you first think of Virgos, you immediately think of the word ‘perfectionist’. And, sure, this might not apply to every member of the zodiac sign (#notallvirgos) but it applies well enough to become a stereotype.

See, Virgos like things done in a certain way. The perfect (and only) way. And they’re not above doing everything themselves to ensure that that’s what happens.

To them, spontaneity isn’t always the way to go

A lot of people like to just wing it. You know, they’d wake up and be alright to do just whatever crosses their minds. And while that’s perfectly okay, that’s not what a Virgo does.

Kings of organization and making meticulous plans, Virgos love to have a general idea of how everything’s going to go, which might make them a little iffy to sudden changes but honestly? Understandable.

They’re a little insecure

Despite what you may think, this isn’t a confidence issue, not at all. See, Virgos don’t exactly like what they don’t know. It makes them feel off and jittery and insecure about all the little details.

And that’s why they have to be in the know — they have to know every single thing, or at least most things first, just to quell down the inner turmoil.

They think they’re right about everything

Okay, so do you know how you sometimes talk to people who will make you feel stupid for not knowing certain things? Yeah, well, there’s a 65% chance that person’s a Virgo.

They just think they know it all. And sometimes they actually do know everything and will go out of their way to highlight how they should be in charge because of that.

Their anxiety might drive them to control everything

Call it what you want, but a Virgo’s deeply-rooted anxiety over the details will eventually win over anything else.

Instead of just letting everything go or allowing any one person to lead things, a Virgo’s mind automatically goes to the worst-case scenario. And immediately afterwards, they’ll decide that they had enough and it’s time for things to be right and under their thumb again.

How many Virgos do you know who fit the same bill?

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