5 Reasons Why We STAN Mabrouk Atteya!

Disclaimer: We may disagree with some of his rhetoric from over the years, but we choose not to judge his entire character based on that. 

We don’t think an introduction is called for here. We saw this post, among many others and we felt it’s time. Without further delay, here are 5 reasons why we absolutely LOVE Mabrouk Atteya!

He’s Savage 

You want a subjective opinion? He’ll give you the flat-out truth without the slightest hint of sugarcoating. He’s also very aware of bias. So for example, if you’re calling on behalf of your son versus his wife, he’ll instantly call out the reason in you! 

A Subtle Feminist

It may seem like an overstatement, but we think otherwise. He may not even be aware of the “Feminist” term, but he surely speaks of it. In his latest interview he directly addressed marital rape; a topic we NEVER see people in the same profession even hint at. 

In many other videos, he promotes consent. Another profound term that seems to be lost on our national television. He doesn’t view marriage as a girl’s ultimate goal. On the contrary, he always advises young women to be wise about their life choices. And if not, why bother with marriage at all?

His words…

His idea of marriage is anything but outdated and condescending for women. He’s always defending healthy marital relationships that are more of a partnership in nature. 

Favorite TikTok Trend

Honestly, we feel that his wide presence on TikTok contributed a lot to his viewings among younger generations. Like, how would an 18 year old know about Dr. Mabrouk Atteya if not for TikTok? 

Here, he met in person with his biggest fan on TikTok!


Again, he doesn’t care about social constructs. If your father is a bad guy, he’ll call him out for it. If your husband is abusive, he’ll tell you to get a divorce. There’s nothing off-limits for this guy.


Seriously speaking, this guy is a role-model in resilience. He’s been dealing with various life-threatening health problems in silence. For years now, his health deteriorates, he recovers, and goes back to his on-air routine with a smile and a flower. 

We stan an unapologetic king. 

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