5 Tips To Help You Lose Some Weight During The Holy Month!

We are no nutritionists, that’s for sure and certain. But with one day into Ramadan already, we made your homework for you. We guess many of you would like to lose some pounds during the holy month, or at least not gain any, right? Well, here we give you a few simple steps to follow!

Plan Your Iftar

How? Don’t rush into eating and drinking. Break your fast with water and some dates, perform your prayers or even help set the table and come back for the main course. Start with a soup and then sensibly eat your way into proteins and carbs. Finally, never finish with a full stomach, leave some room for later.

Minimize Desserts

We dare not advise you to cut dessert altogether, not in Ramadan. Just try and minimize. The less you eat at Iftar, the more you can have dessert. It’s a simple equation guys. As for coffee and tea, you can have them in between meals, just be mindful of your sugar intake.

Get a Workout In

Let’s face it, not all of us will stick to the moderation plan throughout the 30 days. Here, you working out will compensate. Had a little too many Nutella konafas? Burn them off with a nice 30-minute cardio. You obviously don’t need to hit the gym daily, but go as often as you can.

Water Water Water

We can’t stress enough how water makes all the difference when you’re trying to lose weight. But in Ramadan, the rule applies even more. You see, we don’t function like camels do, you can’t just drink water before El Fajr and expect to stay hydrated all through the day. After breaking your fast, make sure to have a cup of water every hour until Sohour.


Again, don’t stuff your face in an attempt to get it all in before fasting, it doesn’t work. Remember, all the Sohour food is bound to be stored as fat since you’re going to bed afterwards. So, be very conscious of what you eat then. Mix and match between moderate portions of yogurt, beans, fruits and veggies.

Remember, Ramadan is your golden tickets to lose some weight and detox your body!

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