5 Upcoming Wellness, Yoga and Meditation Retreats Across Egypt

5 Upcoming Wellness, Yoga and Meditation Retreats Across Egypt

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Everyone needs a break. Every once in a while, in the midst of life’s hustle and bustle and accumulation of stress, one reaches a point in which a break to pause, slow down and recharge is very much needed. The need for a break is a communal feeling and, after such a turbulent year, it seems as though the need to look after one’s mental and physical well being has risen and taken priority. 

That being said, while retreats have always been available, it seems as though they are even more readily available now more than ever. Egypt is full of beautiful places where one could go immerse themselves in nature and take a break from Cairo’s chaos; many local wellness centres have started to take advantage of that and regularly organize wellness retreats to various places in Egypt; whether by the coast, by the Nile or in the desert. 

More and more people have started veering towards the importance of physical movement, meditation and nutrition in their lives, making conscious efforts to prioritize these aspects of life as opposed to merely focusing on work for example, or other stressful daily events.

The following wellness studios regularly offer all sorts of workshops and classes, in addition to organizing retreats every now and again. These upcoming retreats all take place this month, and each of them offer unique, beautiful and memorable experiences.

Sukun Studios ‘Flow of Life’ Nuba Retreat

Even though Sukun Studios doesn’t actually have a physical location, but rather regularly offers virtual yoga and wellness classes, they have created an upcoming physical retreat, bringing their online community together. One of the first of its kind virtual yoga and wellness studios in Egypt, that also happens to offer mediation podcasts, Sukun is all about taking care of one’s overall well-being. Their upcoming ‘Flow of Life’ retreat will take place in Nuba (Aswan) from March 3-6. It will include four days of yoga, meditation, local activities and sight-seeing.
Dates: March 3-6
+20 1032277337

Detox by Anni’s ‘Magic of the Desert’ Siwa Retreat

This retreat will transport people to the serenity and beauty of the Siwa Desert. “The purpose of this trip is to connect through the purity of nature. For you to connect with your true self. To discover yourself and remember who you are again,” the retreat’s founder, Anni, explains. This retreat will take place February 18-21 with an option of staying three or five nights; it includes tours, activities and daily wellness sessions, in addition to specially curated meals.
Dates: February 18-21
+20 1270762120

The Mala Aswan Yoga Retreat

This New Cairo-based wellness studio offers a wide range of workshops and classes that are mainly movement-based; from various types of yoga classes to aerial fitness. Their upcoming retreat is scheduled to take place in Aswan from February 18-21. This retreat includes yoga and meditation sessions, sight-seeing and various types of local activities. 

Dates: February 18-21
Contact: 01100285521

Wellness Seek Cruise

Dubbed as Egypt’s first of its kind wellness cruise, Wellness Seek offers a weekly cruise down the Nile through Luxor and Aswan that is centred around well-being. Other than offering daily activities, tours and sight-seeing at these beautiful and historic cities, the cruise also offers daily yoga and meditation sessions, in addition to specially curated nutrient-rich meals.
Dates: Sets sail every Saturday, the retreat lasts 7 nights
+20 1050238832

Roof Flow ‘Ground and Be Present’ Fayoum Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat

Another New Cairo-based wellness space, Roof Flow offers a wide variety of workshops and classes that mainly revolve around various styles of yoga, in addition to the occasional wellness-related movement-based of meditative practice. Their upcoming retreat takes place in the beautiful Fayoum province from February 18-20. This retreat includes yoga and meditation practice, in addition to activities such as horseback riding, pottery making and a desert safari. 

Dates: February 18-20
Roof Flow Instagram Page

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