5 Ways To Confess Your Crush With Dignity!

Have you been experiencing racing heart beats lately? Obviously not for any medical reason, but have you? Don’t worry, we know the struggle is real and we’ll try to help you out here!

Drop twitter hints

Okay, this one’s a classic. This move was big back in 2011 or so, but people still do it till today and it actually works. If you’re crush follows you on twitter, use the opportunity to deliberately tag him/her in that @your third for a date!

Random pictures

This is sneaky and creative, we love it. When you’re out together, take cute pictures of him/her when they’re not looking. When you’re back home late at night, send them the cutest one without saying anything. This will surely put a smile on their face!

Casual compliments

Randomly drop some compliments in the middle of your convo. Like “that white shirt makes you look great” or “I like how your hair was pulled back today“; just make sure you don’t over do it though!

Memes and videos

If you’re more of an introvert, this one’s for you. Use the power of social media to get closer to your crush. Tag them in memes and videos you know they’ll love (even crush-related ones).

Flat out say it!

Okay enough playing around. We know this could be all fun and games, but at some point you just have to spit it out and end the chase. You deserve the truth and if it’s not what you had hoped for, just move on baby. There are plenty more fish in the sea!

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