6 Egyptian Supernatural Movies You Need to See!

Who doesn’t love supernatural-heavy movies? Whether it’s all the magic or all the mystifying creatures, we just cannot get enough of these movies. We’re just that curious and we’re honestly having way too much fun just watching them.

Naturally, reading this, you may be assuming we’re only talking about the foreign supernatural films…but you’d be wrong. See, Egypt has a bunch of underrated supernatural movies and we think you should start adding them to your binge-watching list!


the movie achieved its goal of scaring us, but not for the reasons its crew would imagine…

Everyone’s favorite vampire flick and, no, it’s not Twilight. In this movie, you’ll get to see two of Egypt’s singing legends Ahmed Adaweya and Aly El-Haggar give campy acting performances as we dive into a story of vampires…and one ill-fitting moral corruption turns us into vampires storyline.

Gala Gala

Have you ever wanted to see a genie be someone’s step-mom? If you did, then your wildest dreams came true with Gala Gala, in which you will get to see a genie struggle to take care of a bunch of kids all while trying to go home so she doesn’t burn and die. Charming, we know.

Khaly El-Dema3′ Sa7y

Speaking of genies, you’ve not seen the best of Egypt’s little supernatural genre unless you’ve seen Khaly El-Dema3′ Sa7y and saw Mostafa Sha’ban as something of a loser who tries to deal with his new genie played by Samy El-Adl…and that’s just how it starts!

A5la2 Lel Bei3

In this underrated gem, Mahmoud Zul-Faqar quite literally finds personality traits being sold in little potion bottles and it’s legendary! He takes a potion that makes one feel incredibly brave…..what for, exactly? Because he’s scared of standing up to his mother-in-law. Quintessential Egyptian problems?

Mamlaket El-7ob

yes, they are dressed like it’s Star Trek; you’re not just seeing things.

The lost city of Atlantis has long been a mystery that everyone loved exploring in movies. And because Egyptians were just as curious, we had an entire movie about it — Mamlaket El-7ob! In this movie, a trio of guys led by Hussein Fahmy, go into a time machine because they want to go to the future but they end up going to the past where they find Atlantis and spend their time doing nothing but dating Atlantis women.

Ba7ebak Wana Kaman

We know, we know. Technically, this isn’t a supernatural movie…but isn’t it, though? Doesn’t the whole idea of a Wattpad-esque love story between Somia El-Kashab and Mostafa Amar seem supernatural enough? Doesn’t Samir Spot kind of feel like a comic-book villain just waiting to happen?

How many of these supernatural gems have you seen?

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