6 Places Around Cairo Making Unique Burgers!

A year or so back, we told you guys which spots we think make the best burgers in Cairo. Now we’re back with more. So to build on that, here are 6 new places competing for a spot!

The Burgest

We’ve recently tried their burgers during the opening of Polaris Mall in Tagmoaa. And wow. For a new in town burger truck, they definitely didn’t disappoint. Every single order was made to absolute perfection!

BRGR Truck

We think we can argue that “The BRGR Truck” is taking over the scene right now. We mean, we can’t get over those juicy sandwiches and mini Lotus pancakes!

Square Burger 

This place is the first to make square burgers a thing in Egypt. We tried them and we think they’re definitely worth a shot. They’re located in Dokki!

Mr. Chicks

Alright, we know when we say burgers you only imagine beefy ones. But hey, we just couldn’t resist adding this place. You need to try their mac n’ cheese chicken burgers like right NOW!


Lucky for us, Holmes, the place offering the most juicy burgers in Alexandria, is now delivering to Cairo. Does this pave the way for a capital branch? Fingers crossed.


Another chicken burger we just had to mention is Bazooka’s. We’ll keep it honest. We hated the idea that chains and chains of fried chicken places keep opening up. BUT, once we tried their chicken sandwiches, we fell in love. Bazooka really mastered this!

Leave us a comment with your favorite burger spot!

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