6 Songs You Need For the Perfect 2020 Christmas Playlist!

There are many, many things that put us in a rather festive mode. But one thing is the most important, still. No, it’s not the decorations or the red-and-greens filling the air.

It’s the music, of course! And because nothing beats a good Christmas playlist, we’ve decided to give all the holiday hits that might just make or break your season!

Jonas Brothers – I Need You Christmas

What’s better than a comeback if not a Christmas hit to go with it, right? Relish in the spirit of nostalgia with this comfy, family hit and feel free to want all your Christmases to be just like the song says!

Mariah Carey ft Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson – Oh Santa

Yes, everyone. The Queen of Christmas is back with a remix of yet another one of her holiday hits! And knowing what the people demanded, she put not one but two strong voices with her too!


And we have to mention, Mariah Carey didn’t just drop that remix — she also did an entire album of Christmas classic to go with it.

Jojo – December Baby

Speaking of nostalgia, you may notice it’s kinda heavily stressed upon this season. See, Jojo also put out a Christmas hit all about loving the holidays and the joys of old Christmases!

Dolly Parton and Michael Bublé- Cuddle Up, Cozy Down Christmas

You can’t say Christmas without Michael Bublé materializing somewhere, right? Well, the Christmas Go-to Guy has collaborated with country star Dolly Parton in a Christmas hit that’s just as jolly as it is sentimental.

Sabrina Claudio ft The Weeknd – Christmas Blues

With their soulful voices combined in a heavenly melody, Sabrina Claudio and The Weeknd might have just created the new Baby It’s Cold Outside…but, you know, a little more on the R&B side of things.

Kelly Clarkson and Brett Eldredge – Underneath The Mistletoe

Romantic and soulful, Kelly Clarkson and Brett Eldredge collaborated on another Christmas tune that we’ll be playing for a lot of Christmas parties to come. Just you wait!

Update that Christmas playlist now!

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