6 Things People Wish They Could Delete From Egyptian Marriages!

Marriage is something that can be some kind of amazing if it’s done right. You know, the whole shebang. You marry someone you love and you celebrate it the way you see fit and all that jazz.

But you know what? A lot of things, mostly cultural things, have lost their places in marriages. And honestly, it’s time they were gone for good.


You don’t have to think twice to remember your relationship to the daunting “neesh” in your home. It’s just that — daunting and untouchable and probably has a dead body no one will ever know about because you can’t go near it.

And you know what? A lot of people aren’t really feeling the whole “get something you’ll rarely if ever use” thing anymore.

The “Ayema” and its drama

So you’ve probably heard about the “ayema”, right? It’s that little piece of paper that has literally wrecked marriages, sometimes on the wedding day, and honestly, it’s more drama than it’s worth.

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Granted, we know some people see at as a type of protection but, really, overcharging it and writing down differently is just low. And we don’t really need that in our lives.

Inviting literally everyone you said “hi” to once to the wedding

Why must this happen? No, really, why must two people celebrate their marriage with hordes of people they barely remember or don’t even like?

You can see why this thing gotta go, right? Maybe the wedding invites should be only extended to the people you want there. Food for thought.

Making a “baby” room

Yes, this is a thing and thankfully, many people are changing it but that doesn’t mean our culture has gotten the memo. And the memo is that making up a baby room in your new apartment is honestly bizarre.

Basically what it says is “Hey, so you know how marriage comes with a lot of responsibility? Triple it and add a baby!”

Almost going into debt for a wedding

Big weddings are nice for the people who love them. And small weddings are perfect for people who enjoy them. The thing that’s not so perfect, though, is that we’ve made the concept of spending so much you almost start your married life heavily in debt into A Thing.

Yeah. It’s not supposed to be a thing and these expectations have got to lower a little.

Over-furnishing and over-buying

People love furnishing their own apartments and buying up their own things. It’s wholesome and fun…and sometimes, gets way out of hand because the societal expectation is you’ll be set for life with your starter-place.

See, it’s called “starter” for a reason and the idea of over-buying just because of a sudden dread that every store in the country will suddenly shut down for good has got to go.

We know there’s more where that came from so tell us, what else do you want deleted?

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