7 Crystal and Jewelry Pages You Need to Check Out!

If you’ve been paying attention, you may have noticed that a whole new door opened in the realm of online shopping. And that is crystals — as in, lots and lots of crystals.

Whether you want crystals in their pure form or molded into jewelry or other forms, you’ll find it all. And because we want to make your life easier, we decided to list them all right here!

Crystals of Gaia

Selling crystals in their pure forms as well as crystal bracelets, necklaces, rosaries and many more, Crystals of Gaia is the page to go to for your crystal needs. Trust us, you won’t know what hit you.

The Crystal Hub

A literal hub for raw crystals, The Crystals Hub is here to provide you with all the kinds of crystals you can handle. Aesthetically pleasing and wonderous!

Mystical Crystals

Another spot where you can get all your raw crystal needs, Mystical Crystals also has the advantage of providing you with fragrant Palo Santo wood.

Gazb Crystals

Priding itself on being the home of authentic undyed crystals, Gazb Crystals has its crystals in many different forms, including raw and earrings and other forms of jewelry.

Roka Jewelry

A champion of artisanal jewelry and crystals, Roka Jewelry has it all ranging from fine chokers to earrings to necklaces and many, many more molds of crafted jewelry.

Crystal Jewelry

Specializing in unique yet dainty pieces, Crystal Jewelry is set to be your new favorite with its defined detailing and interesting designs.

Crystal Muse

Specializing in crystal-infused skincare tools, Crystal Muse offers you everything from (literally) precious skin rollers as well as oils and other products set to bump up your skincare routine.

All your crystal needs are here!

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