7 Egyptian Short Films You Should See!

The magic of cinema and moviemaking is nothing short of intoxicating, isn’t it? It’s all there. The images, the story, the acting — they all wrap up into a force that just takes you somewhere else.

As impressive as that is for feature films, short films just do this effortlessly. They leave you begging for more the minute the credits roll in and for that, well, we couldn’t help but share some Egyptian short films that you need to watch right now.

3eshq A5ar

This movie is just a ride, honestly. Both dedicated to a late aunt and to the late Ahmed Zaki, 3eshq A5ar is a testament to the love one girl has for cinema and all the obstacles, societal and otherwise, she faces because of it.

Shakawi El-Fala7 El-Fasee7

A story that has been around since the Egyptian Middle Kingdom, Shakawi El-Fala7 El-Fasee7 simply transports you back to the Pharaonic times effortlessly and poignantly — it’s the Shadi Abdelsalam effect.


Nine minutes is more than enough to tell a fantastic story if you’re Mohamed Khan and El-Batee5a is enough testament. In these few minutes, you’ll find yourself nearly united with the protagonist and his journey through the day, watermelon in tow.


Sweet, lovely, and deeply poignant, Habib is the story of a barber and his wife as they journey to take a newly married couple photo that shows them just as they are. And, yes, you’ll be touched.

7ar Gaf Sayfan

In this movie, there’s one little mix-up that causes the day to spiral out of control. And it happens when a cancer patient and young bride share a taxi together. As they both journey across West El-Balad to find each other, the movie just takes off.

Se7r Afriqi

A woman and her daughter go to the pool and meet a mysterious woman that quite literally changes their world views. And rather than remain a one-time encounter, they track her down and a story of converging world views and loneliness unfolds.

El-3ein Mate3lash 3ala El-7ageb

A personal journey about simple wants and the things stopping the protagonist from having them, this movie tells a story that will leave you wanting more.

Get binging!

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