7 Independent Design and Architecture Firms in Egypt Offering Unique Styles

7 Independent Design and Architecture Firms in Egypt Offering Unique Styles

Landscape details. Image courtesy of F & R Partnership facebook page.

That statement wall at a favorite restaurant, those lighting fixtures that evoke art at a favorite store, or perhaps even the serenity of one’s own bedroom at home; carefully planned and executed architecture and design concepts constantly surround us. 

Oftentimes, the detail that goes into the architecture or interior design of certain places go unnoticed. The fact of the matter is however, that designers carefully construct spaces using elements and materials that come together in harmony in order to bring the place to life. Not to mention the fact that the space must evoke the essence of what it represents – whether that be for commercial or residential purposes. 

There is a lot of research and thought that goes into architecture and interior design and the following independent or boutique architecture and design studios have proven to elevate what this field in Egypt has to offer. 

Studio Plus Architects

Studio Plus Architects is a small architecture and interior design firm that has been in operation since 2014. Offering services for both residential and commercial projects, they have proven to rise up to challenges and offer sleek and refined solutions to various types of clients. In addition to this, they also offer contracting services and they are international award winners, having recently won the African Property Awards of 2020-2021. Their style is mostly modern and elegant. 

Reha, LLC.

Founded by Reha Habib in 2016, Reha, LLC offers architecture, interior architecture and interior design services. They describe themselves as “a boutique multi-disciplinary design practice that specializes in creating concepts.” They are known for the conceptualization of their projects, creating spaces that evoke the true essence of the client. Some of their impressive portfolio includes clients such as Mazeej White Hotel, The Flying Dove Boutique Hotel and Restaurant and The Four Seasons at the First Residence. 

Two Emms Design Studio

Established in 2017, Two Emms Design Studio is a family run business that offers both architecture and interior design solutions. Working on both residential and commercial projects, this young and hip design studio ensures creating a space that is bold, young and reflective of the client’s personality. 

Firma Designs

For those of the more refined or artistic taste, Firma Designs offers architecture and interior design solutions that ensure the use of bold statement pieces. They describe themselves as being “specialized in the art of enhancing architectural and interior spaces to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for our end users.” In addition to this, they are also about to launch a store that offers a line of accessories, furniture and artworks in collaboration with Patio Designs. 

Style Design Architects

One of the oldest independent architecture and interior design firms on this list, Style Design Architects was first established in 1989. They offer first class luxury architecture and design solutions that evoke the understanding of the client at hand and offer ultimate comfort to the spaces people spend most of their time in. They also offer contracting services and various unique pieces of furniture. 

F&R Partnership

Going for a rather more unique, minimal approach in their work, F&R Partnership is an award winning architecture and interior design firm founded by Ahmad Fayyad and Malak Rashad. They offer wonderful sleek and minimal solutions, making the most our of any space with without the ‘too loud’ aspect. Their projects are simple and laid back, yet full of attention to detail in how they make use of the space. 

Hand Over Projects

Perhaps the most unique company on this list, Hand Over Projects is a design and building company that specializes in delivering environmentally friendly and cost effective building solutions. They do so by going back to tradition building techniques that make use of earth construction. As such, their projects are beautifully linked to nature and evoke a feeling of tradition, mixed with modern minimal touches. 

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