7 Movies That Stand Out At Zawya’s Panorama Of European Films This Year!

Due to Covid-19 ramifications, the schedule to the 13th edition of Zawya’s Panorama of European Films has been on and off for a while. Now, we can safely say it’s finally out from April 1st until the 10th. Hold your breath, they have some really good films this year. For starters, here are six we highly recommend!

 Another Round

A Mads Mikkelsen must-watch. Four high school teachers decide to test a theory on how high alcohol blood levels will affect their professional and social skills on a daily basis. Will this work?

Berlin Alexanderplatz

A refugee runs away to Berlin and swears he’ll remain a good man. But will Berlin’s underworld let him? An amazing drama film that’ll keep you on your toes the entire screening time.


This Serbian movie surely caught a lot of attention at this year’s edition of the Cairo International Film Festival. If you didn’t catch it then, now’s your chance!

Quo Vadis, Aida?

Also known as “To Where, Aida?”, A Bosnian film about a UN translator whose world turns upside down when the war takes place. Will she be able to save her family? A great find that some were lucky to watch at the Gouna Film Festival this year.

A Perfectly Normal Family

Another must-watch. A Danish film about a 20 year old who wakes up one day to learn about her father’s wish to become a woman and the journey unfolds. You don’t want to miss this one!

La Belle Èpoque

No spoilers, but you should know this is a romantic time travel drama. Victor somehow chooses to go back to the best years of his life when he once met the love of his life. An amazing take on the ever so controversial theme!

Night Ride

Jin’s heart skips a beat when a stripper rides his cab one night. He falls in love and she is intrigued by his playlist, but will they make it out of the city’s firm grip? 

We’re honestly super excited about this year’s Panorama at Zawya. It’s truly a treat for every cinema-lover. So, which movie are you excited about the most?

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