7 Signs You Need to Break Up

No one likes hearing that their relationship needs to end. It’s just a fact. No one is going to be tremendously happy to think other people think it has run its course when they didn’t get the chance to see it like this.

But you know what people will take into consideration? Unwitting signs that they really do need to end it. Especially these 7 right here.

They ruin the peace of your mind

You know how people light up when they think about that one person they love? How they, at the very least, feel a certain type of fondness?

Yeah. If you don’t feel that way and you actually feel rather perturbed and straight-up horrible at the thought of that person, guess what you’ll need to be doing very soon.

They treat you like you don’t matter, sometimes on purpose

Sometimes, it’s in people’s natures that they can’t show intimacy. And sometimes, people do have actual problems with showing affection…but that does not mean they’ll treat you like you don’t matter.

See, treating a person who’s supposedly important to you, well, like they matter isn’t at all hard, even if you’re not the emotional type. And if you’re dating someone who quite literally treats you like an afterthought, maybe you shouldn’t anymore.

You can’t really trust them

There’s just no way around this one. If you don’t have trust in a relationship (and this goes for all types of relationships), then what do you really have?

Oh, that’s right! You have two people going on dates because of a sense of obligation rather than anything else. Note the sarcasm because this is NOT what you should be doing.

They don’t even make an effort

Some people are low-key, we get it. But there’s a difference between being low-key and putting effort in the little, small things and literally not trying whatsoever in the relationship. That’s just a one-sided thing with extra baggage!

They prioritize everything over you…all the time

So, here’s the thing — we get it. Your significant other should not always put you first because they’re a person with different interests and a life and obligations and needs. And that’s great!

What’s not great, though, is if you always, always come last even if it absolutely does not make sense. Even if you’re supposed to come first or at least feel any way important. Dump them.

You’re never not anxious about where it’s heading

Anxiety about the future is normal. In fact, if you don’t get anxious then that might not be normal.

But getting so anxious at the thought that your life may have a certain someone you’re seeing that you get paralyzed with fear and/or uncertainty…well, then maybe the relationship shouldn’t continue.

You clicked on this article

Okay, we hate to pull an Inception-type switch on you like that, but didn’t you see it coming? If you’re in a relationship and this article actively intrigued you, then you might have doubts.

We’re not saying anything but maybe you need to re-assess things.

There are many more signs out there, but these 7 might just be the ones to look for.

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