7 Tips To Help You Sleep Better After The Holidays!

What’s post-holiday season without irregular sleeping patterns and difficulty getting a proper rest? For a month or more our brains and bodies were basically on a not-so-fun roller-coaster ride. 

But as we go back to school and work, we realize we must all adhere again to our former routine. It won’t be easy though, we can relate, so here are some tips to help you establish normal sleeping patterns again!

Minimize unnecessary napping

In Ramadan, napping was LIFE. But kiss that goodbye for now. There’s no time and it will further worsen your night sleep. 

Limit caffeine intake

Again, we all indulged in questionable amounts of caffeine during Eid. But when you’re trying to establish healthy sleeping, try and limit yourself to one cup a day.

Can’t do with this dosage? Okay then, just make sure your intake is limited to day-time.

Take soothing showers

If you find yourself in bed late with no hope of snoozing anytime soon, get up and take a hot bath. It works wonders!

Get enough day-time exposure 

Yes, enough sun on a daily basis can help you sleep well at night. The natural rays echo directly through your biological hour, ordering your mind to sleep at a reasonable night hour.

Exercise regularly

Sometimes, it’s not the coffee that keeps you up till 3 am in the morning. Sometimes, it’s simply having too much energy. 

If you’re one who works from home or hangs around the house for most of the day, you’re bound to have difficulty sleeping.

In this case, exercising is not a luxury, it’s a must!

Don’t drink before bedtime

While hydration is good for your overall health, drinking fluids before going to bed is not so wise. For normal people, waking up for the bathroom is no biggie. 

But for someone with insomnia, it means you won’t be able to get back to sleep for another couple of hours.

Improve sleep quality

How? Basically by doing all of the above. But also, by creating a sleep-inducing mood. A comfy bed, pillow and pleasant room temperature. Don’t underestimate the power of a cozy room. 

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