7 Viral Ramadan Scenes: Week 2!

Week two of Ramadan is now officially over and we’ve got to say…WOW it’s been fruity. For one, most series started really picking up pace and we already saw many events escalating to a near-climactic point. If for some reason you didn’t keep up and social media just overwhelmed you, here are all the BIG scenes you missed!

Zizi & Hisham’s Awkward Moment

We surely saw this coming but…this particular spur of the moment made it all kinds of uncomfortable. Like what’s with the heavy breathing? Will they kiss? Will they slap each other? AWKWARD!

It’s this scene though, we should be praising. Amazing shot, heartfelt dialogue and portrayal. Also, Ali Kassem is slowly becoming amongst our all time favorite rising actors!

Hana’s Birthing Fiasco

Is it called sympathy pain? Because we felt that the entire time Hana was going through the early delivery. And between that and her finding out how Hazem divorced her over a voice-note and how her baby is born prematurely yet…uh emotional roller coaster.

Habiba’s Untimely Death

Remember how we once rooted for Melouk El Gadana for being so light? Apparently we judged too soon. Things really went downhill when the little girl, Habiba, was killed. A very disturbing chain of scenes we really don’t recommend watching.

Mabrouk’s Assassination

We know they’ve been laying the groundwork for the assassination scene for a couple of episodes now but it was heartbreaking, nonetheless. Not to mention the real footage inserted!

Aziz’s Death

It’s no surprise, we all hate Jamila Awad as Tamara this Ramadan. But deep down, we felt her pain when she found her father’s corpse. After all, the girl is deeply troubled due to her childhood traumas. Though acting wise, we found the scene with Mariam and Tamara’s confrontation to be of more value.

Riham Haggag’s Korean/Se3edy Offspring

Hey, what’s a Ramadan week without one unexplainable Riham Haggag scene? We honestly don’t know what to make of this absurdity.

A Kettle Moment

And they strike again. This time, they decided to kill their obnoxious YouTuber friend with…wait for it….a kettle.

How did you find week two’s scenes?

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