7 Water Activities To Do At Egyptian Beaches That AREN’T Swimming!

It’s this time of year again, folks! The sun is blinding us all and the tides are high and the idea of going to a beach and being near water in general has never been more exciting. We don’t even have to beat around the bush here — we just miss the whole “summertime fun” thing.

Here’s what we don’t miss, though — the part of the day where we have no idea what to do even though we’re literally at the beach and we’re not feeling like swimming today. But you know what? Where there’s a will, there’s a way and there are about 7 activities you can try out this summer!


Admit it — don’t you want to get in on some quality sport time at the beach? If you’re not necessarily sporty, you just might want to try something new…and that something may just be kitesurfing.

Scuba diving

Nothing beats good old-fashioned scuba diving. Let’s face it — no matter how many times you go into the depth of the water, it just doesn’t get old! And, honestly, it’s just a whole lot more exciting than swimming.


Do you want an experience that will literally course through your entire body? You do? Well, just take a stab at windsurfing! Not only will you be getting all you ever wanted (beach-wise) out of this activity — you’ll also enjoy it to the max.


An experience that combines both the elements of water and the wind, parasailing just never gets old, even when you’ve tried it before.

Sea kayaking

If you pass by the Nile, you might occasionally catch a glimpse of kayakers taking their daily routes and that might entice you just enough to take on the ultimate kayaking experience…sea kayaking. And, yes, it’s just as fun as it sounds!


Get on and strap your feet in because wakeboarding is about to take you on a much-deserved ride! Just imagine the fun and the adrenaline rush.

Paddleboard yoga

It’s time to switch up the old yoga routine with an entirely different view to spice up the experience, isn’t it? And if you think that’s about right, please try paddleboard yoga — it’s an experience you can’t miss out on.

Don’t just settle for swimming along!

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