8 Scented Candles Pages You Need to Check out

Everyone loves a good scented candle, don’t they? You know, it’s just something that adds a little spark to your day. Something that will entirely change your mood the minute you light it.

But you know what absolutely nobody likes about scented candles? The fact that the options in major stores are limited as well as overpriced. And if that’s the case, then you don’t have to worry anymore — we got your back!

May’s Scented Candles

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Fragrant and long-lasting, May’s Scented Candles will fill your home up with fantastic aromas before you even unwrap the candles. With must-have scents like Coconut Vanilla and Lemon, you can also get customized candles for all occasions.

Blush & Bloom

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Neatly packaged and smelling like a warm hug every time, Blush&Bloom’s candles combine both quantity and quality in every sense of the word. Its scents include Oud and Cranberry, among others.


via Relaxscent’s Instagram page

Quirky and sweet, Relaxscent’s candles have it all from the packaging to the engulfing aromas to the softness wrapping it all together. With shapes like yarn-balls and shells , Relaxscent has flavors like Radical Pursuit (strong berries) and Your Therapy Session Is Here (lavender chamomille).

Roshan Candles

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Pretty in pink and other colors, Roshan Candles have managed to squeeze all of the world’s sweetness in one candle with their variety of long-lasting scents and neat packaging. You can get Orangettes, Lotus, Gingerbread and more!

Candles by Posé

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Crafted from natural soy wax, Candles by Posé is a testament to sculpted candles and sheer body positivity. Not only will it give you appreciation for the physical form, it will also do so in Coconut, Lavender, Vanilla, Coffee or much more.

Candle Connection

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Coming in various shapes and sizes, Candle Connection’s candles are as soothing as they are versatile. Whether in polka dots or flower-carvings, the candles come in a variety of scents like Fresh Linen, Amber, and Lime Green.

Jolie Flamme Candles

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As aromatic and chic as ever, Jolie Flamme’s candles are as pretty as they are alluring. With their cool packaging and wide range of scents (with some horoscope-focused scents too!), they’re the candles to indulge in.


Relaxing and breathtaking in both shape and smell, Amcandl’s candles are only a wonderful addition to the already-burgeoning scented candle world. With its scents of Oud, Sandalwood, and others like Love and Daydreaming, you’ll never run out of enchanting fragrances.

Feel free to go scented candle-crazy now!

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