8 Survival Hacks That Might Save Your Life One Day!

No, we’re not about to go “Lost” on you. Well, not entirely. But, since you can never be too safe and since the world is not always a safe place, here are 8 tips that might, literally, save your life one day. May you never need them. 


It’s only common decency to apologize when bumping into someone. But even if it’s their obvious fault, just say “sorry” and walk away. They could be mad, drunk or armed.


If you happen to be lost in the wilderness with not enough clothes to keep your body temperature up, try layering up grass inside your clothes for extra heat.

“Heimlich Maneuver”

You need to learn this because who knows, maybe you can save someone else’s life one day.

“Sinking Car”

When in a sinking car, don’t try to escape through the door. The water pressure will make it super hard. Open or bust a window to get out!

“Find the Bad Guy”

When alone on public transportation, take a look around and trust your instinct to identify the bad guys. When you detect them, stay as far away as you possibly can.


If you ever need to start a fire, look around for any carton. Be that a milk carton or an egg carton, make use of the fact that the carton burns big.

“Scan Exits”

Make this a habit. When inside any building, a mall or a workspace, make sure to memorize all exits. Why? During emergencies, it’ll take double the time to get out if you don’t already know where all the exits are.

“Inevitable Dog Bite”

Just let it bite you. Don’t freak out if the dog is not the kind you can scare away with the fake stone trick, use another. Take off your coat, jacket or shirt fast and wrap it around your arm and just take the bite. It’s the lesser of many evils.

Better safe than sorry!

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