A 45-Second Tribute to Mothers That Captured Our Hearts by Arab Bank

It’s that time of year, where all our social media feeds are flooded with beautiful tributes to mothers from all walks of life. This often leads to an overcrowded and often commercialized occasion that tries so hard to be relevant by tagging along to important social conversations. 

This year though, Arab Bank took us on an emotional journey and in just 45 seconds they managed to capture our hearts. They decided to do what a lot of us struggle with every year – share everything mothers do for us, and celebrate their achievements by putting them where they deserve to be – front and center. 

This touching tribute really struck a chord with each and every one of us here at Identity – and served as a reminder of the beauty of a mom’s love.

Arab Bank has shown its commitment to appreciating and celebrating mothers by providing a platform for the mothers in the video, sharing a poetic expression of their inspirational stories and journeys. 

The video calls on us to celebrate mothers, not just on Mother’s Day, but every day, and reminds us that our moms are our source of knowledge, no matter how old we are or how smart we think we’ve gotten. It highlights how they are superior, even though they are the most selfless.

They struggle without showing it. They never fail to promise us, with the most certainty, that tomorrow is a better day – and consistently find ways to make sure they live up to their promises. They bring positivity to everyone around them. In other words, there’s not much they can’t do, they are true heroes that do not know, believe in, or accept failure.

As we try to express our emotions behind this heartwarming piece, we challenge our readers to watch the video, from start to finish, without getting the urge to pick up your phone and give all the moms in your life a call – we can promise you that we failed that challenge, and believe you will too. 

Let’s make sure that this year, and every year, we let them know that they are unlike anyone else, and provide them with extra care and attention this Mother’s Day and beyond.

At Identity, we raise our hats to Arab Bank for so eloquently saying what so many of us feel on a day-to-day basis. Thank you Arab Bank, but more importantly – thank you to the mothers who have inspired all this. 

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