adidas’s Stan Smith Is Back and More Iconic Than Ever—Take Abla Fahita’s Word for It!

In this day and age, fashion goes through lightning-quick changes. Almost every day, you’ll go online and you’ll see people enthusiastically endorse a new up-and-coming fashion trend and the next day, they’ll turn on it. And the fashion trends that keep popping out have certainly gone into new heights, even as conscious fashion took the center stage.

But you know something? Even with all these fast-paced trends, iconic items will forever be iconic. And that applies to nothing more than the Stan Smith by adidas!

At this point, this is a given fact. The Stan Smith is easily one of the most iconic pairs of shoes that you have ever set your eyes on, jumping through decades and still staying relevant and trendy because they’re just that good.

Redefining the athletic shoe for good, Stan Smith is now upping its ante by being even more sustainable than ever before. And this new upgrade will come in the form of a PRIMEGREEN upper-part that’s made with 50% recycled content designed to not only to be environmentally-friendly—but to also make the Stan Smith even more maintainable.

In fact, it might just redefine what the sustainable shoe looks like today!

And this environmental inclination becomes even more impressive when you line it up with adidas’s efforts to end one of the worst environmental problems around the world by combating plastic waste.

To showcase this Stan Smith upgrade, adidas didn’t think there would be a better partner to collaborate with than the one and only Abla Fahita!

Set on making a splash, the green-wigged puppet widow has been garnering a lot of curious eyes and rumors by her recent actions. If you’ve been wondering why Abla Fahita has been wearing a green wig and promoting a video called الارملة والشعر الأخضر, you won’t have to wonder for much longer.

Yes, the mystery is finally being revealed and we’ll tell you all about it here! Abla Fahita is collaborating with adidas in promoting the PRIMEGREEN Stan Smith and the fashion world will never be the same.

But this is not all what adidas has up its sleeve for us. There’s more!

If you want to get your hands on the brand-new Stan Smith, all you have to do is head to either Cairo Festival City or Mall of Egypt stores and recycle 10 plastic bottles there. That way, you’ll get a discount too.

We told you adidas is bringing the iconic back in the shoe world!

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