Ahmed Zaher: The Face Behind The Voice of CBC

Voices are special and having a unique voice is a rare gift. When you hear a unique voice, you just can’t help but be amazed. Voices are embedded into our memories so much that we remember them instantly—and if we mention the CBC Man, we know you will instantly remember his legendary voice that kept us company for all these years.

But you know what? There’s more to the CBC Man and it’s time we all know his story as Ahmed Zaher finally revealed!

Zaher’s 17-year-old career started when he was just a young boy who knew his voice was miles older than his age. Copying other voiceover and news-presenters as he grew up, Zaher honed his growing talent.

At the International Academy for Engineering & Media Science, Zaher majored in Radio and Television and made a name for himself among his colleagues for his undeniable voice talent, which led to students from all majors asking him to record voiceovers for their projects.

Following graduation, Zaher took his first professional steps by investing in international courses in voiceover and news-presenting. With this knowledge, Zaher started his professional voiceover career in 2005 and learned more about the industry on the go.

In 2008, Zaher became a creative writer at Radio Misr where his creative input left its mark. Still in the radio world, Zaher also held a reputable position in Radio El-Neel (Mega FM / Nagham FM/ Radio Hits/ Sha3bi FM) as part of the production team, which he excelled at, while leaving his print there.

Now, Zaher is the Executive Director of Mix FM 87.8, from where he’s achieving his dream of elevating the radio industry and changing people’s beliefs about radio in Egypt.

Zaher also discovered and personally coached a plethora of strong voiceover presenters now on the scene. He did that by doing what he does best—coaching and working on honing these voiceover talents’ strong voice-identity, making them audibly shine, which was easy when Zaher’s own voice effortlessly shines.

And with the great renown and experience Zaher and his voice earned, it was only inevitable that he became the official voice of the CBC Channels since its start in 2011.

Prominent and instantly recognizable, Zaher’s voice has been present in every Egyptian household with CBC. As viewers, we instantly connected with him throughout all the shows we’d heard him present.

Zaher made us wait on the tips of our toes in Star Academy, where he instantly got us hooked. And he effortlessly made us all hyped up as he presented the X-Factor. He made us smile as we anticipated the start of Abla Fahita and he made us hurry to the living room when he announced Coke Studio.

With his show-reel including bounds of shows, programs, documentaries, and campaigns, Zaher holds a lot of his projects close to heart, believing that their unique experiences built his strong voice and experiences.

In a way, Zaher was always there for us and for all those TV shows we couldn’t get enough of and died to see. In his 10 years with CBC, Zaher had achieved his goal of becoming a part of all Egyptian households—effortlessly becoming الراجل بتاع CBC.

And this is what Zaher cherishes the most, being the comforting, exciting voice for many listeners. Much like what happened when he’d taken a taxi and discovered the driver only tunes into a certain station because he liked the newscaster’s calming voice, Zaher’s all along.

With his iconic voice and rich career, Zaher has done everything from being that soothing voice you always hear to coaching others on developing their own voices and voice identities to overseeing Mix FM 87.8.

Continuing his work on elevating the radio industry and being the CBC Voice, Zaher shows us just what great ambition and a work-ethic do.

It’s time we learned who the face behind that calming voice is.

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