Al-Sisi, Mauritanian President discuss boosting bilateral cooperation in security

Egypt President Abdel Fattah A-Sisi received, on Sunday, a phone call from his Mauritanian counterpart Mohamed Ould Ghazouani.

Bassam Rady, spokesperson for the Egyptian presidency, said that the phone conversation tackled strengthening cooperation between the two countries, especially on the military and security levels and combating terrorism in the Sahel region, in addition to boosting trade exchange and investment.

At the level of regional issues, visions were exchanged on the Libyan crisis, as the two sides agreed on the need to intensify coordination in this regard, in light of the direct repercussions of the continuing Libyan crisis on the national security of the two countries, as well as regional security.

The communication also witnessed a discussion of efforts to combat the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, as an agreement was reached on coordination between Egypt and Mauritania regarding control measures through the exchange.

In 2016, Egypt and Mauritania signed an executive programme for cultural cooperation, for the period of 2016-19. The fourth convention was a cooperation agreement for livestock, and was signed by Mauritanian Minister of Livestock Fatma Vall Mint Soueina and the Egyptian Agriculture Minister.

In February, Chief of Staff of the Egyptian Armed Forces, Mohamed Farid, headed a meeting of the Chief of Staffs of the G5 Sahel African Countries of Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, and Niger, with the participation of representatives of European donor countries.

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