Amr Warda Being Glorified On Television Is One Way To Start 2021!

It may seem to be a tale as old of time, “Amr Warda & Sexual Harassment”. But for various reasons, we think this story should be kept alive. Especially after Warda’s latest TV interview!

Yeah, you got us, for some reason Egyptian media is trying to make Amr Warda relevant again by interviewing him for the new year. Yes, what’s a better celebration of 2021 than hosting an alleged sexual predator? Right?

Hold up, that’s not even the worst part. It’s actually the fact that he was portrayed as a VICTIM throughout the entire interview. It was a typical scenario for a victim coming out to unveil the truth. How is that for male privilege?

And, to add insult to injury, Warda actually withdrew his apology for sexual harassment allegations back from 2019 saying he only did it so he can continue to play in the AFCON. That’s right, that apology, we were all asked to give him a SECOND CHANCE after. FAKE.

Following the appalling statements made by the football player, he actually went on to brag about his manners and how he was raised a certain way and how he’s consistent with his prayers. The AUDACITY, huh?

So, bottom-line you guys is that Amr warda, alongside our esteemed Egyptian Football Association, schemed us all. The apology, the support of public figures like Mohamed Salah, the “second chance” fiasco. Was all a scheme to cool things off.

what a shame!

Joke’s on us. Some spent their time in 2020 combating sexual harassment, and some pushing forward patriarchal agendas to protect an alleged sexual predator.

A clear message that when you harass and assault not one but many victims, you will most probably get away with it. If you’re a man, of course.

Hence, it might be time we re-open the Amr Warda file again and remember all the atrocities linked to his name. No way are we gonna passively watch an alleged sexual harasser manipulate us!

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