Amr Warda Is At It AGAIN: Platforming Harassers Means They Won’t Quit

We’re tired. Point blank and there’s no way around it. We’re absolutely tired of waking up and finding out, bi-monthly it seems, that Amr Warda harassed and/or blackmailed someone.

This is all to say that, yes, he’s done it again. He literally harassed yet another woman.

The full story goes like this: Amr Warda harassed a young woman on Instagram because he wanted her to meet him. And when she refused, he immediately resorted to threatening her by exposing her life to the public and to her family.

The woman in question didn’t back down and held her ground, making several points about how he’d not like to be exposed again and that he’s interestedly deleting the messages he’d sent her. But to no avail.

Here’s the thing. We’ve talked about sexual harassment before. And when it comes to Amr Warda being a predator, we’ve literally said all we could ever say.

We talked about how sexual predators can be anyone, even if that person’s famous and how people shouldn’t be readily giving them second chances. We even talked about how the little things, like not announcing their names with enthusiasm at popular events, do matter and do help.

So how did a TV crew sit down and think “hey, what would be a good idea for a New Year’s show” and somehow find “a Amr Warda interview” to be a good answer?

Before you say anything at all, you know as well as we do that that interview from hell mattered.

It gave Amr Warda all the time in the world to say he was not guilty of anything and he was mistreated — and he fully believed it, because why else would anyone give him a platform to speak his mind?

Someone must have believed him or that interview wouldn’t have happened. And even if that’s not the case, that’s what it felt like to him. He got all the validation he ever needed.

And now he will never quit. This is not to say he would have, without this interview. Because platforms do matter.

And because of platforms like that interview and the validation they lead to, Amr Warda will firmly believe he never does anything wrong. He’ll publicly harass women and expect to get away with it because, hell, it happened last time!

What do you mean giving a known predator a chance to say he’s not guilty means he’ll never stop? Please note the sarcasm.

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