Arab Actors Who Should Play Iconic Figures In Biopics

Biopics are largely a hit-or-miss genre. And that’s understandable, of course. Sometimes, what happens is there’s a bad script or, worse, a lacking one. And sometimes, it’s the cast involved because they don’t look like the people they’re playing. At all.

And for that reason, we couldn’t help but wonder. Just who looks like certain iconic figures enough that they can convincingly play them in biopics? And then we had the answers…which we’re sharing with you right here!

Noor as Princess Fawzia

The resemblance between Noor and Princess Fawzia is just striking, isn’t it? Add to that the fact that Noor has experience being a princess (hello, Saraya Abdeen) and we’ve already got enough grounds for a stunning biopic.

Rogena as Fatma Rushdy

More than just the name of a street, Fatma Rushdy was one of the female pioneers of Egypt’s acting industry and for that, we need to see her story told. And if you’ve seen the photos, you know Rogena can take that part.

Rushdy El-Shami as Naguib Mahfouz

With the right accessories and the right script, Rushdy El-Shami (who we’ve seen kill it in Taye3 and Paranormal) might just give renowned author Naguib Mahfouz the justice he deserves his story to be told with.

Fardous Abdelhamid as Huda Sha’rawy

A very important figure for all Egyptians, Huda Sha’rawy is one of the figures we need to commemorate with a stellar biographical feature. And with Fardous Abdelhameed’s striking resemblance to her, well, what are we waiting for?

Loai Omran as Kassem Amin

Yes, we want another biopic for another Egyptian women’s liberation advocate and this time we want it for Kassem Amin. And you know what? We truly think this might just be the role for Loai Omran. Just give him a moustache!

Sayed Ragab as Ahmed Shawky

Sayed Ragab has the range for any role and every role, but you know what else he has? The physical resemblance that will make him slay the part if he’s ever given an Ahmed Shawky biopic.

Sabri Fawaz as Ahmed Orabi

Another man with a wide range, Sabri Fawaz needs to do an Ahmed Orabi feature. Not only will he get to tell a very important figure’s story but he’ll also do it justice.

So, what do you think? Who would you want?

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