Arab Parliament Office issues a statement confirming support of Arab women in context of confronting the Corona crisis

During his meeting in Cairo at the headquarters of the League of Arab States, the Arab Parliament Office headed by His Excellency Mr. Adel Abdul Rahman Al-Asoumi, Speaker of the Arab Parliament, discussed the implications of the Corona pandemic on Arab women, as well as the sincere efforts made by Arab women in facing this crisis, in the presence of His Excellency Dr. Maya Morsi, Chairperson The National Council for Women in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The Arab Parliament Praises the great and sincere efforts made by Arab women in the face of the Corona pandemic, as they are on the front lines to confront this crisis, especially since the vast majority of medical personnel, especially the nursing category, are women and girls.

The Arab Parliament calls on the concerned institutions in the Arab countries to support Arab women, identify their special needs, and work to overcome all the obstacles they face in light of this crisis, which increase their family, social and economic burdens.

It also appreciates the great efforts made by the Arab Republic of Egypt, through the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Council for Women.

The Arab Parliament also Stresses the importance of strengthening and coordinating joint efforts among Arab countries in order to mitigate the repercussions of the Corona pandemic on women and girls, provide them with the necessary health and social services.

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