Best Actors of 2020: A Year of Rising Stars!

As 2020 finally, finally draws to a close, we can’t help but notice this. This year, all in all, wasn’t all bad. Yes, we know what you’re thinking but it really wasn’t.

Some good things happened too. And one of those good things is that we got to see our entertainment industry pumped with new blood and fresh faces that are steadily on the rise for all the right reasons.

Here are the rising (and rising-ish) stars who stole the show this year!

Zeinab Ghareeb

If you’ve seen Bi 100 Wesh (and we know you must have!), then you’ve seen Zeinab Ghareeb and her dynamic performance as Radwa. Blessed with comedic chops and excellent talent, we cannot wait to see how Zeinab will wow us in the coming seasons!

Tayam Amar

A lot of actors killed it last Ramadan and one of them was definitely Tayam Amar who pulled the rug under our feet constantly with his performance in Kheyanet Ahd. And you know what? We predict that this star is only going up!

Lella Fadda

Although her role in this Ramadan’s El-Brens was short-lived, Lella Fada made one hell of an impact by the time her death scene rolled around. And not only that — she’d also blessed us with her angelic voice several times over.

Hassan Malek

He got us with his role in Le3bet El-Nesyan and then twice in Ela Ana and you know what. Already a one to watch, Hassan Malek is one of the talents of the year we were happiest to discover.

Rana Raes

Speaking of discovered talents, this year easily belonged to Rana Raes who dazzled us with her roles in Layaleena 80, Sultanet El-Moez, and more. And through these roles, we just know there’s more where that came from.

Nihal Nour

She got our sympathies in Ela Ana and we rooted for her in El-Nehaya — Nihal Nour is on the come up and her roles already speak for her! We cannot even begin to think what the future holds for her next season.

Reem Abdelkader

Whether she was scaring us hopelessly in Paranormal or making us cry rivers on Ela Ana, Reem Abdelkader brought her A-game to it all and we’re predicting that her star will be steadily on the rise for coming seasons too.

Laila Zaher

Guess who came in last Ramadan and absolutely killed it on El-Fetewa? Yes, that’s right. It was Laila Zaher and you know what? We want to see more of that and we know we will!

Donia Maher

We can’t talk about rising and on-the-spot stars and not mention Donia Maher, of course! Absolutely killing it on Bi 100 Wesh, her Naglaa was the reason behind half our laughs this year!

See? Not a bad year for the Egyptian entertainment industry!

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