Can We Call For Our Rights Without Ripping On Other Girl’s Choices?

Two days ago, Dina Hesham shared her unfortunate discrimination incident with a well-known establishment. The video went viral and thousands of people showed their support.

And let’s just start by saying this: We support her case and any other girl who’s been a victim of any sort of prejudice. However, we think the rhetoric used in the video is somewhat problematic, and here’s why…


عايزين بس نبقى بنشرب اوكاي وبنقلع اوكاي والبنت تعمل “اللي هي عيزاه اوكاي

Initially, the video is meant to call out discrimination against any group of people. In this case “hijabis” or veiled females. Yet somehow, Dina falls into the trap of bashing other groups of girls. Girls who chose not to be veiled or girls with no “curfews” at home.

This is where the problem lies, for two reasons. Firstly, demanding your rights shouldn’t be at the cost of denying others the same. You have a right to cover your head and enjoy a swim with your friends and so does the girl without hijab who might choose to wear something less modest.

“بيضغطوا علينا في مصر عشان نقلع”

Another MAJOR fallacy found is the portrayal of society as an open, inclusive, and forgiving one. No, it’s not just normal for girls to “dress less” or “drink” or ” stay out late” as she puts it. Misogyny is so deeply rooted within our societies that a girl LITERALLY got bullied in school for wearing a dress to an exam; right about the same time Dina made her video!

Girls of all sorts and types of every social class are being subjected to harassment , bullying or worse. So, let’s not bring down or shame one another to make a point, shall we? Let’s not forget our reality, please.

Again, women’s choice of dress should be completely up to them. It’s a basic human right. No girl is better than the other.

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