Confrontation Scenes: The Big Cycle of Abuse!

Yesterday, in parallelism, our two favorite shows this Ramadan turned up the dose of emotions. In Zizi and Newton, we got two serious scenes that really struck a chord. 

We don’t believe that a concept like abuse is something arbitrary. We believe that abuse is a full cycle. And in the two scenes in question, we get to see how.


A failed marriage and a number of therapy sessions later, Zizi decided to confront the main cause of all her problems in life. Her caregivers, her own parents. 

Triggered by her father’s question about the infamous “laundry room”, Zizi decides to spill it all out. She literally told them that she’s been diagnosed with trauma and ADHD because of their ignorance and abuse.

Normally, the father is in denial. He accuses her of being born this way (crazy) and that the only way to deal with her madness as a child was to lock her up in the room.

ما احنا ياما اضربنا واحنا صغيرين وطلعنا زي الفل اهو، انا معقد؟


As for the mother, she started projecting her own misery of a life on her daughter. For the first time, she confessed how she didn’t want to have children and wanted a divorce.

But was forced by her family to continue in the failed marriage because of her daughter to come. So, somehow, she thinks it’s all Zizi’s fault. And that’s why she took it all out on the poor kid.


In the first meeting between Hazem and his parents after Hana’s return, hell broke loose as well. He lashed out the minute they started blaming him for being a bad child.

Hazem, like Zizi, went on to explain how favoring his brother (their elder) gave him a personality disorder since childhood. 

And in a reaction similar to that of Zizi’s parents, Hazem’s folks turned the tables. Especially his father, whose feelings were so hurt, he kicked his son out and called him ungrateful.

Listen, we all come with emotional baggage that we’ve been carrying since childhood. And once we come to this understanding, we rush to deliver the news to the people we love the most. But who also hurt us the most.

There’s nothing wrong with that. Except, the expectations can knock us down hard. They won’t accept the truth-served so raw. They’ll deny, fight back and come at you.

Again, abuse is not arbitrary. It comes in chains. They abused you, because they were abused as well. Is there a way to break this chain of misery?

The fury, it’s understandable. But once everything falls back into place, when the storm is over, will they be honest to themselves? Guess we’ll see in the upcoming episodes!

Until then, we feel these two scenes gave us all A LOT to think about…

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