Defaming Campaign To Pressure A Girl For Exposing Her Group-Harassers!

“We all remember the group sexual harassment case from New Year’s Eve 2020, right? Well today, I was also group-harassed by a whole bunch of guys. Some ripped off my clothes, some touched me while the rest filmed it all. Nothing will change for women in Egypt, I want to kill myself.”

With these words a girl on Twitter reported what had happened to her earlier that day, December 11. Linking her own incident to a similar one that took place in Mansoura at the beginning of the year.

But that’s not even it. Yesterday the same girl announced that she filed an official police report and after clearing the footage, the authorities were able to identify and capture about 7 of her reported harassers.

Great news, right? Except only things get a little bleak from here….

Following the capture of those boys, their families and friends literally launched a social media “campaign” with the sole purpose of defaming the victim.


Yes, sane humans. Instead of investing efforts in combating harassment, they are actually ganging up on the victim on social media.

Sending her death threats, slut-shaming her and pretty much terrorizing her into giving up the case and withdrawing her statement. And of course, calling for the release of the boys.

Justifying this by saying that in the video (which we won’t be sharing for all the obvious reasons), there were too many people for her to identify these boys. Also, how their ages mostly range from 16-18! As if that’s a good enough reason to overlook their crimes.

What’s even more horrifying, is the fact that many girls on twitter and instagram didn’t support her case but attacked her instead! By making hurtful comments about her clothes and behavior and throwing in the old “she’s asking for it” argument!

From our place, we are calling out the National Council for Women to step in. This is more than harassment now; this girl’s life is in danger. 

We would like to extend our full support to the victim, and to any harassment victim for that matter. We also hope she doesn’t cave in, provided her safety is assured of course.

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