Dip Yourself In The Summer Sun With Badya!

Now that summer is here, we all know what time is it. It’s time we enjoyed enticing beaches as we let ourselves bake under the warm sun because it doesn’t get any more relaxing than that.

Speaking of beaches, did you know that you’ll need to keep a lookout for the waves this summer? Not every wave, though. Just one wave in particular—the wave above the ‘a’ in Badya’s logo!

See, that wave is going on a much-needed vacation in Hacienda White and Hacienda Bay to be dipped in summer’s eternal glow. But where will Badya’s wave be exactly?

Well, that’s up to you to find out! Since the wave went “missing”, finding it is now turning into the competition of the summer with one incredibly tantalizing prize on the line…Chums were designed by Temraza, as well as several on-ground activations at Hacienda Bay and Hacienda White!

So what are the on-ground activities then?

Since Badya is making the hunt for its wave its newest challenge, we just know that challenge is going to be fun with Badya’s own Beach Hub being present in both Hacienda White and Hacienda Bay to offer all the challengers the needed summer essentials.

Among these summer essentials, the Badya Beach Hub will offer a variety of rentals to satisfy your every summer whim, including ice-boxes, JBL speakers, racket kits, as well as several weekly surprises.
As for the on-ground activities, volleyball will be included as well as scooters to help you go around the compound or across the beach promenade hair-braiding booths a landmark photo of a spin-and-win at Lake Yard.

Hearing about all of these perks sure sounds exciting, we know, but we know you’re just as excited about the prize being coveted Chums by Temraza!

And you should be! As the City of New Worlds, Badya celebrates creative local designs through its collaboration with Egypt’s top Fashion Ambassador Temraza as well as the trendsetting Chums to create the ultimate summer chaise lounges of 2021.
Badya’s wave is derived from the “a” in its logo, used as inspiration for Temraza to create the works of art. It prominently illuminates the top of the design, radiating waves and droplets of sponsoring creativity, echoing the magnitude of this creative collaboration.
The design is a radiating reflection of the symbolic Egyptian culture and spirit through Temraza iconography. Featuring the pyramid-inspired and newly launched Temraza monogram, among many other implicit symbols such as the Key of Life. The chaise lounge is created to feature culture in a playful and vibrant light amidst the sea, which comes in line with Badya’s commitment to support new and modern culture.
All of this coming together like this is a true marvel, creating an exclusive iconic product of the summer that speaks volumes about the collaboration’s sheer creativity.

With Badya, it’ll be easy to dip yourself in the summer!
About Badya

Badya, a City of New Worlds, is the new definition of a smart, sustainable integrated city in the heart of 6th of October, and it is the largest and first of its kind project for Palm Hills Real Estate Development, in partnership with the New Urban Communities Authority. Badya provides its residents with diverse services and facilities, including: educational, entertainment, health, and retail activities. The project includes the first university within the new expansions in October, Badya International University, in partnership with the International Medical University of Vienna (MUVI), in addition to a group of international and local schools, as well as the administrative offices and retail stores from supermarkets and hypermarkets, a spa, 5-star hotel, a conference center and a hospital. Besides, a partnership contract with Rob Ernest, the global leader in the field of horse stables, to make Badya its exclusive headquarters in Egypt, and a world-class equestrian academy will be established within the Badya project, through which horses and jockeys will be trained on the latest training systems and programs.

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