Egypt condemns missile attack on Green Zone in Baghdad

Egypt has condemned the missile attack that targeted the Green Zone in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad on Sunday.

In a statement on Monday, Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned all terrorist acts that could destabilise Iraq, and target the headquarters of diplomatic missions and civilian targets.

On Sunday, the Iraqi army said that an “outlaw” group fired missiles at the heavily fortified Green Zone in Baghdad, where many diplomatic headquarters and government institutions are located, including the US embassy in Iraq.

In a statement, the Iraqi army described the attack as a terrorist act, explaining that eight Katyusha rockets were launched from the Rashid camp area, southeast of Baghdad. An anti-missile system built to defend the US embassy was able to divert one of those missiles.

The rockets hit a residential complex inside the Green Zone, causing damage to buildings and cars. No casualties were reported.

The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused Iran-backed militias of the recent attacks in Baghdad.

Egypt called on all parties to uphold the Iraqi national interest over any other considerations, in order to succeed the Iraqi efforts to protect its security and stability.

The statement emphasised that Egypt fully stands with Iraq in the measures it takes to eliminate terrorism and its supporters and to preserve its national security.

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