Every person is unique – so why isn’t healthcare treating you like it? How personalizing healthcare can improve lives.

Cairo – 6 April, 2021. In a country home to more than 100million Egyptians – a vast majority of whom are sick in some way, shape or form – getting the best possible healthcare can be incredibly challenging. 

It’s not an “Egypt” thing – it’s a “really challenging healthcare ecosystem” thing that even the most advanced country in the world are still grappling with.

What does this mean?

Let’s take your most recent visit to the doctor for example. Before you even scheduled the visit, you knew you would have to put in some serious time and effort: to get an appointment, to be seen by the doctor, to go get tests done and revert back to the doctor, to track down your treatment, to take it, to check up – the list goes on.

What you may have instinctively factored in is the malaf of paperwork you’re taking from place to place. The multiple doctors you’ve seen. The many clinics you’ve visited. The labsyou’ve dragged across town, the handwritten surveys you’ve answered. 

Imagine a world where you have one system that is accessible through any hospital, clinic, or lab. Your medical record will always be up to date and your history is available in one place. Wouldn’t diagnosis and treatment options be easier? 

Wouldn’t the patient journey be smoother? 

With the increase of both the population and chronic diseases together at the same time and in light of the digital transformation the world is shifting to, it is past time for Egypt to truly personalize healthcare – starting with digitalizing our healthcare system. 

What does that mean?

Personalized healthcare means ensuring the right patient gets the right treatment at the right time – because every patient is unique. But it can only be achieved if the healthcare systems are all connected to see all the patient’s information in one place – and, accordingly, better diagnose and ultimately treat their diseases.

This is the future of healthcare – it’s happening in other places around the world, and it’s time we bring this to Egypt. It’ll take a lot of people to come together – government leaders, health and tech industries, even startups and non-profit organizations! – to contribute their unique knowledge and expertise and collectively pave the way for this future.

Because, at the end of the day, every patient around the world deserves the chance for healthcare that provides peace of mind.

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