Everything Escalates: Round 2 AND 3 of the Abyusif-Marwan Beef

It may not seem like it to some of you but the last time we took our eyes off the Egyptian Rap scene, well, sh*t went down. Round 1 of the infamous beef between Abyusif and Marwan Moussa officially ended with the release of Abyusif’s not-a-diss Megatron, leaving us all wondering just what would happen next.

And what happened next was an avalanche of tracks from every rapper out there. As of the time we’re writing this, there are five new diss tracks and we’re getting to them all.

Round 2: Abyusif Strikes Back

Okay, here’s the thing. Megatron was never a diss track and for a regular track, it actually gets better on another listen. It just left us feeling underwhelmed because it came out in Diss Season.

And so Abyusif made it up for all of us when he released Sit and silenced literally everyone. In the official diss, Abyusif called Marwan Moussa and the many others who dissed him online for biting the hand that fed them.

He focuses on Marwan and how he’s only known because of an Abyusif feature and that just means his career was built on Abyusif’s shoulders. And he doesn’t stop there. He also insulted Marwan for basically rapping with a tweaked Abyusif flow and insulted the ‘Egyptian Trap‘ beat Marwan is known for, saying that everyone already used it.

Among other things, Abyusif also called Marwan out for putting out weak disses and that Marwan shouldn’t say they were family because Abyusif “has no sisters” (yay for casual misogyny, note the sarcasm). And then he also said that Marwan needs to diss him to stay relevant. Not forgetting Afroto, Abyusif hit the spot and mentioned that one time Batistuta insulted Marwan’s mom and Afroto did nothing.

Naturally, Marwan doesn’t back down and releases Megatroll and you can see where this is going already.

Beginning with calling out Abyusif for taking two whole days to release the diss, Marwan lords how his rival had to put out two tracks to respond to his one diss. He also calls Abyusif out for trying to flip the trend-seeking narrative on him and says that Abyusif knew he needed this beef to revive his career.

Calling him out for being a snake and being too old at 36 for these games, Marwan says that he’s coming to end Abyusif’s career. And then Marwan calls him out for his style, personal and in the ads he does and doesn’t stop there — he also says Abyusif’s 7abak Bors tanked and that his shoulders weren’t enough to carry Marwan’s growing career.

As this happens, Afroto, too, comes out with a diss track called Baskot because, well, why not add fuel to the fire? In this diss, Afroto calls Abyusif out for relying on old tracks and needing Marwan and Afroto’s disses to keep him in the spotlight.

and this cover art was just too hopeful

Afroto also calls Abyusif out for calling him a ‘mafrash‘ when it’s not insulting, right before he tells him just where he can stick that ‘mafrash‘.

Seeing this, Abyusif took to his story to say that the response will be out in half an hour, giving everyone (including Marwan) a flashback to two days ago.

But then the track that ended the night was out — Abyusif released E3sar Katrina and everyone immediately knew who lost this round. And it wasn’t Mexico.

An obvious reference to the hurricane that devastated Florida (also the name of Marwan Moussa’s album), E3sar Katrina has Abyusif calling Marwan out for “sharing” his girlfriend and losing her to an actor.

Abyusif also called Marwan out for building his career off his dad’s money and says that Marwan asks for crumbs in ad fees compared to Abyusif’s fees. He also calls Marwan out for being a hypocrite and keeping Afroto around because he’s worse than he is.

No Title

لما تبقى مخلص حقك في تراك وشايك سكره مظبوط pic.twitter.com/LpscBRvvZs

However, the more interesting bits here (aside from Abyusif going ‘oh by the way you broke your contract’) is that Abyusif hinted at an older fight that happened a year ago between him and Marwan, showing that there was something bigger than Khaled Mokthar’s birthday beneath the sudden beef.

Round 3: Marwan Picks It Up

Despite how Marwan didn’t immediately respond to Abyusif’s E3sar Katrina and instead made an IG Story calling him (and Lil Baba) out for not knowing how sampling worked, the beef is far from over.

And in response Lil Baba called him a thief

Kicking off round 3 with Dabdoob 7asas (a play on Abyusif’s Dabdoob Ezaz track), Marwan brags about how Abyusif can never reach him and how he’s actually in Dubai on company dime. He also calls Abyusif out for keeping the Mexico gang around him so he could easily outshine him.

Marwan then calls Abyusif out for selling himself and his principles for an ad and that he’d probably “strip naked if I paid you”. He also mentions how Abyusif is “funny” for “marketing his girlfriend like that” and calls the olderrapper out for being a liar who needed to rely on Marwan to not be exposed.

The Florida rapper also called out Abo El-Anwar, a prominent part of the Mexico crew, for being a hypocrite and nothing more than a pedestal for Abyusif, who’s creating problems out of thin air.

And if you thought this was all that’s, well, you’re wrong. See, aside from the tracks, here’s what’s going down:

Dezel-Uzi and MC Amin both released dissed everyone in their tracks, El-Hanovel and Hip-Hop Head. Yes, everyone.

And the disses may just keep piling since Batistuta cursed Marwan Moussa out in Dutch (probably confusing it for Deutsch) and Moscow posted a throwback to a line where he dissed Batistuta, hinting he may jump into the fray.

No Title

باتيستوتا على انستجرام وجوجل ترانسليت من عندنا pic.twitter.com/CifU984iFr

Add to that Raptor’s IG Story, where he all but said he was jumping in, and Batistuta’s weird side-fight with El-Far3i and, well, it’s just chaos out there.

Oh and this is still happening:

No Title

بعد مانتا عملت ستوري بتقول فيها اسمي يا برو و ولا اي صباح الفل https://t.co/7U4RmDhLed

Who do you think will win Round 3? You know, if it’s not already over by the time we post this.

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