Everything You Need to Know About The Mewing Technique

Have you ever felt like your face could use something of a lift…but you really don’t like the idea of surgical procedures and/or don’t have the budget to do so? Maybe you just don’t want to experience extreme dysmorphia because, let’s be real, that would be a rather drastic change.

But if you wanted to do the absolute minimum efforts to get a more defined jawline, then you’ll be glad to know that it’s actually quite easy and quite accessible. You can do it at your own home with no tools or procedures necessary!

Curious? We know you are — it’s time we talked about Mewing.

First of all…just what the hell is Mewing?

Created by British orthodontist John Mew (save all your cat’s meowing jokes for now), Mewing is basically a do-it-yourself facial restructuring technique that has actually been around for a lot longer than it has been popular.

This method has been recommended by some orthodontists as a way to correct speech problems and even relieve jaw-related pain — not just for jaw definition. But speaking of jaw definition, it does just that, too.

See, Mewing basically exercises your entire face, which causes it to take on a more defined shape.

Okay, so how do you even do it?

In Mewing, there are a few crucial elements and these are your tongue, palates, teeth, and nose. What you do here is that you stick your tongue to your palate, pressing it and resting it there without applying real force. While doing this, you should also rest your molars gently on top of each other and make sure to keep breathing through your nose (might be difficult for mouth-breathers but that’s the technique).

So is that it? Well, yeah, pretty much but as easy as Mewing sounds, making sure to be consistent and keeping your mouth in check, basically, isn’t that easy. It actually requires a lot of practice so you can mew without forgetting that you’re mewing. There have also been devices that supposedly make it easier but, honestly, this method is so one-two-step it might not even need them.

As for the results, they’ll also take some time because, obviously, if anything gives you instant results, you’ll likely be in deep REM sleep. Usually, Mewing takes months to show any results and sometimes those results are minimal.

Some things you need to know about Mewing that are NOT as cool

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of hearing about incels (i/e: involuntary celibates), you may know that this group of men is fully populated with men who feel owed attention and love from women when they’re doing the bare minimum of existing and not being horrendously evil to women.

And if this sounds bad and mildly horrifying, then wait…it gets worse. See, there have been a lot of cases of these men ultimately going out and literally murdering people (women, because they’re misogynists, and men they deem as ‘competition’ or ‘alphas’). So what does this have to do with the Mewing Method?

Well…the thing is, Mewing kinda became popular BECAUSE of incels using it to define their jawlines to look “more like the guys women love”. No, seriously. That’s a thing.

Another thing that might have you on the fence about Mewing is that the method is reportedly not actually created by an orthodontist and that Dr. Mew only popularized them, but there have been debates on that.

Final thoughts — To Mew or Not To Mew?

Reading all this, you might find that you’ve made a pretty solid decision about going ahead to try Mewing or to not actually do it. But if you’re on the fence still, then there are a few things you need to think about.

The first of these things is your relationship with your body. If you’re not at an extremely great period of self-love (and even if you are, honestly), you might find yourself having a particularly unpleasant out-of-body experience if you decide to mew. Simply because, eventually, your face will look different and it might not feel like your face anymore.

While that is psychologically scarring, you also need to consider your motives. What you’re really doing this for and if it’s worth it. Is this what you really want or are you chasing some unattainable ideal that will leave you completely unsatisfied even if you get it?

Only when you make these decisions, then you’ll know what you really should do here. So, get to thinking.

Jaw-lifts have never been easier.

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